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8:00 – 8:30 accommodation pickups
9:00 – arrival to Motovun/Livade
9:00/9:30 – introduction to Vespas, equipment, short test drive, instructions by guide
9:30 – departure to Oprtalj, scenic drive10:00 – Oprtalj,  photo stop, onwards to town of Zavrsje
10:35 – arrival at Zavrsje, pause the ride to visit the town, photo stops
11:00 – departure towards Groznjan, drive throe lovely countryside
11:30 – Groznjan, we will stop here for a break, visit local shop with truffle,olive oil and products for tasting, visit local art shops.Some free time for you to relax and enjoy the sites
12:30 – departure to Oprtalj
13:15 – Oprtalj arrival, longer break for the lunch* at local tavern, also some time to see the Oprtalj
14:15 – going back to Livade
14:30 – stop at starting point for honey product tasting at local family shop
15:00 – as road is closed we will take trip to Motovun by van
15:15 – Motovun sightseeing
16:00 – returning towards your accommodation
17:00 – approx. Time of arrival


Lunch includes:
- homemade local prosciutto (dried/cured ham), sosages and cheese
- pasrta with choice: of prosciutto or mushrooms, or nettle (all local)
- 1dcl od wine and water
Anything else you may order at tavern and pay locally.


Description of the tour:

We will start the trip in the morning by picking you up in air-conditioned van or car at your accommodation or if you wish to come to us is also great.
From Poreč and Rovinj transfers will take up to 45-60 min. to get to the starting point of the Vespa tour.
Our starting point is Motovun office (please note due to road works it may start from nearby Livade village).
There we will have short introduction to the Vespas, how they work, how to operate them, distribute the safety equipment and do short test ride for the stuff to know you have enough skill to safely operate the scooter.

Then we are off to Oprtalj on a windy road uphill, where we will stop for some of the best views over Mirna river valley and its hilltop towns.
Soon we are back on the Vespas and headed throe Oprtalj to Zavrsje, an almost completely abandoned town that is more like a monument than living place. There we will have short break for a visit and plenty of photo opportunities.

From Zavrsje we will be off to Groznjan for a 25 min drive, a city of artists with lots of artisan shops, Jazz festival, local product shops and also some great views to enjoy.
There we will visit my friend Sandra's shop where she sells truffle products (only ones she get herself from the woods) and olive oil her father is doing.
She will do great presentation and get you know more about truffles and olive oil.  Then if we feel like we will visit the small artisan shop to see some of the local handmade art pieces, souvenirs and similar stuff.

You will have some time off to enjoy the Groznjan and then around 12:30 pm we will had back to Oprtalj on a half an hour drive for our lunch in local tavern.
After lunch, there is some spare time to walk around Oprtalj and see its historic venues.

We will then head back down to Livade to finish the riding part of the trip.
In Livade you will get to visit Sveto's honey shop. He is one of the best bee keepers in the area and his honey of all sorts, grappas, and even cosmetic products will be true pleasure to taste and try.

For last part of the tour we will take a short drive with a van to visit Motovun (usually we would go there on Vespas, but the road is closed for works until further notice).
Motovun is a true Istrian gem and there you can walk around to see all the history, fortified walls and have time for a walk and relaxation.

After all that we will head back to your accommodation in afternoon around 4pm.
estimated time of arrival at accommodation may vary upon traffic and distance, but is roughly around 5 pm.

Vespa day trip, a day tour on Vespa scooters in Istrian inlands. Visit the most beautiful hilltop towns in Mirna river valley, taste the local products and enjoy in the relaxing day out.


Join us to spend relaxing day out, feeling free on a Vespa ride. Soak up the nature and unique Istrian hilltop towns ...


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Vespa Tour Istria MotovunVillas
Vespa Tour Istria MotovunVillas

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