Property Management Packages

Here are some examples of possible packages of services that can be used for orientation purposes. They are of course not fixed and can be altered according to client's needs as every property is different and services may vary.


KEY-Holding Only:

In case you not let your property, or if you just use house for your needs or have low changeover rates „Key holding only“  may be a good choice.
We will hold the keys for your property at our office; this is an ideal service if you need someone to hold your keys for access in an emergency. 
One to two sets of keys to your property will be held by us.  We will not leave the keys with anyone else without your authorisation or let anyone in your property.
 *Should we need to visit your property in an emergency we will charge visits separately.

BASIC service package includes:

• Monthly visit to your property (check the plumbing pipes, power panel, air out all rooms)
• Monthly report about the property, including photo material by e-mail
• Electric and water meter readings sent by email
• Property keys stored in our office

ADVANCED service package includes:

• Visit to your property twice a month and report about the property, including photo material by e-mail
• Electric and water meter readings sent by email
• Running water from all fixtures to prevent scale build up in the water heater and faucets
• Collecting mail, paying bills and sending payment confirmations by email
• Testing all appliances and equipment to ensure proper operation (gas, electricity and lighting, alarm system, etc.)
• Arranging of minor problems and supervising (up to 1 hour labour) and email all specific information about the work performed
• Garden and pool maintenance are supervised
• Maid service, cleaning service and laundry service are supervised
• Arranging of drainage contacts
• Additional services arrangement (welcomes baskets, welcome food and beverage, baby cots and other baby accessories, etc.)

Here you can learn more about prices and major services we offer.
Note that this is only for orientation purposes, actual prices will be created after inspection of property and according to your needs and desires.



* for orientation purposes.

1. Key-Holding Only : 300 EUR + PDV (VAT)

2. Table with prices for BASIC and ADVANCED package service PER YEAR


1 bedroom property 350 EUR 650 EUR
2 bedroom apartment 450 EUR

700 EUR

2 bedroom villa/cottage 500 EUR

850 EUR

3 bedroom apartment 550 EUR

850 EUR

3 bedroom villa 600 EUR

1.050 EUR

+4 bedroom property 650 EUR  TBA
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