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Here are some bike trails and suggestions we made for our guests, as a day ride. They are less difficoult then some other and can be combined with places to stop, drink and eat, to refresh yourselves for return trip.

See some suggestions here, we will add more as we go along.

On the map choose a trail, or click on the link for each trail separately:








1. Parenzana trail: Motovun - Vizinada - Motovun

Parenzana Trail Motovun-Vizinada
this track we mostly recommend to our guests who would like to have relaxing day out. Not too demanding, easy to follow as it is well marked.

You start in Motovun near our Bike point, and then after few hundred metres you go form asphalt to Parenzana macadam track. Surface is mostly hard, some gravel spots. Trails lead throe vineyards, forest, but you will get some amazing view along the way.

As you go along you will see the remaining of the old railway track with some amazing bridges with views, former trains stations remains and even a tunnel that goes under Motovun (now has a light inside).

When you reach Vizinada, you can have a stop there have a drink or lunch, and then head back in the afternoon to complete enjoying day in the nature.



This track can be a nice way to spend the day.

It starts form Motovun, then goes downhill on the part of Parenzana trail towards Livade.
Pass the bridge over river Mirna and then go straight to village of Livade.

When there you use  a roundabout to go left and drive few km on asphalt (road is very quiet not much traffic) and then onwards to a gravel road. On the way you will pass throe Ponte Porton and there is a restaurant where you can rest or get drink.

From here you go on the main road just for 200m then pass the roundabout you will turn right on the macadam road that follows the river Mirna all the way to the sea. This road is simply beautiful with nice views. At the end you will come to the Mirna river delta where it enters the sea. There you can either go rights and ride for a few km to Novigrad, but that is on the main road.

For a return use the same route.

This is just a suggestion, as you can make some deviations or use different route for a return just go to the opposite side of river bed.

3. 601 - "Veli Joze" trail - variation

This a variation og official 601 Veli Joze track. It goes around Motovun on Parenzana trail, then towards Murari, Sveti Bartol, around the Motovun along Mirna river, then uphill towards Valenti and Brkac. Last part is again on Parenzana trail to Motovun, throe the tunnel and back to start point.



This trail goes downhill form Motovun on Parenzan atrail an dthen towards Kaldir, a another village throe coutryside of vineyards. It is then uphill to Kaldir, then mostly flat an ddown towards Motovun.


5. 603 - Parenzana Motovun - Vizinada round trip

This is a official trail Motovun - Vizinada mostly on parenzana old railway track. It is a round trip to Vizinada. Goes from motovun to Vizinada and then downhill toward river Mirna and last bit is uphill to Motovun.



More for all cycling trail in Istria on ISTRA BIKE



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