Motovun Events

Events in Motovun

Motovun is represented through various events throughout the year.
These are mainly cultural events of international importance, and events with traditional character.

Overview of the most important:

Motovun Film Festival - Motovun International Film Festival, in the 1999. year starts this international film festival, traditionally held by the end of July.
Motovun film then becomes a Mecca, and can receive up to twenty-one thousand visitors and fans of the film, which is the great organizational effort. Motovun Film Festival is known for its relaxed and calm atmosphere and as such it has a unique status among the actors, directors, visitors and film fans.

Traditional festivals:

- "Bacanje roga” (Throwing the horn) - a traditional game of "Bacanje roga" is an integral part of Carnival celebrations. On "Ash Wednesday" the day after Fat Tuesday, the men compete in throwing wooden stick or bačuka „as close to ox horn. Thrown in a number of stages and play "Throwing horns" flowing from the top to the bottom of the hill.

- "Kolejanje" By ancient tradition the night before the feast Bogojavljanja or Epiphany, Kaldirci with “kolejanjem” are wishing Merry Christmas and New Year.
After the priest blessed the water, three kings (acted by locals), ranging from locals gathered in kolejanje. Procession is led by a big lightning star, which symbolizes that the biblical three kings from the east showed the way to Bethlehem and barn where Jesus was born.
According to the old ritual “kolejani” stop in front of every house in Kaldir, and all the surrounding villages in the parish

- Motovun Fair "- Traditional" Motovun Fair, an annual local feast day which celebrates the consecration of the church of St. Motovun. Stephen, along with numerous entertainment and cultural programs such as wine festivals held on the first Sunday in August.

- Days of truffles - we can tie them to Motovun, as held below the small town of Livade under the hill near Motovun forest.
October is the month in which this festival is held and includes the entire valley of the Mirna - in Oprtalj, Istrian Spa, Gradinje, Motovun.
Special experience to taste meals from freshly picked truffles (white truffle, black truffle), the noble fungus, and this time the harvest and tasting the wines and other gastronomic offer of autumn Istria.
Truffles and mushrooms that grow underground are a trademark of Istria, Istrians held their gratitude by jealously guarding their recipes to prepare on their peninsula. Exhibitions and Fair truffles, local indigenous products (wine, brandy, olive oil, souvenirs, etc.).

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